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Our management team executes strategies to adapt our products and services to the unique needs of our customers.

Our success is in direct relation to the commitment, expertise and knowledge that our leadership team brings to its work. Our skills spring from broad experience and a diversity of backgrounds, which means fresh and varied perspectives managing every client project.

Our company’s executive team is composed of motivated and enthusiastic individuals who have a vested interest in finding value-driven, quality solutions for our clients while never losing sight of providing the best possible service. These executives take an active role in all aspects of our business and lend invaluable know-how and unwavering dedication to every client undertaking.

The Group's management philosophy is generally the same across units, but we do not believe that good management is the result of rules. Individual managers each have their special qualifications, and each management position requires particular competencies.

About Us

Elixir India is headquartered in Chandigarh. We operate in different business sectors: Education, Print & Publication, Consultancy,  Public Relations & Marketing services.

Contact Us

Elixir India,
Tel: +91-172-4559544, +91-9417782402, +91-9463971544
Email: contact@elixir-india.com