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Elixir Institute of Excellence | IE

Elixir Institute For Excellence (EIE) is a professional high education institution which falls under the Education cluster of the Elixir India.

EIE fosters mutual understanding, develop global leaders, and protect academic freedom worldwide through educational exchange and training programs in pursuance of its vision and guiding principles. 

EIE is governed by a Board of selective shareholders of the Elixir Group, who bring a diverse set of skills from leadership positions in the public and private sectors, including colleges, universities, corporations, and philanthropy.

Role of EIE

1. DEVELOP LEADERS – Building leadership skills, promoting a skilled workforce, and enhancing the capacity of individuals and organisations to address local and global challenges constitute a vital part of AIE's mission. The training programs arranged by the Institute connect students and professionals with peers and colleagues around the world and prepare them for leadership on a host of urgent topics and issues – from social activism and politics to terrorism and interfaith dialogue – essential to advancing peace and prosperity for all.

2. PROVIDE EDUCATION SERVICES – Utilizing its resources, AIE develops effective and innovative programs by keeping in mind an international quality education. AIE conducts research and provides information to the public and academic community, and convene educators, policymakers, and philanthropy executives to discuss strategies for fostering international cooperation through international exchange.

3. HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT – AIE works closely with public and private higher education institutions to develop high-quality academic programs in cooperation with governmental, nongovernmental organisations, and corporations. Leveraging extensive higher education networks worldwide, AIE uniquely positions itself to help shape the capabilities of individual students. 

4. PROMOTE INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT – The Institute partners with governments, international development agencies, foundations, universities and corporations, leveraging its international networks to collaborate on sustainable solutions for long-term development. AIE is committed to working with local communities in developing countries to advance education and economic development through training and scholarship initiatives, to prepare emerging leaders in the public and private sector with workforce development skills and leadership training, and to build the capacity of NGOs and civil society organisations to achieve their goals. 

5. EMPOWERING WOMEN AND GIRLS – AIE increasingly focuses on global programs that use science and technology to support, train and connect women, equipping them with the skills needed to fully participate in their community and the global economy. In the long run, AIE will also open a specific "Centre for Women's Leadership Initiatives" to provide opportunities for women worldwide to participate in cutting-edge training, professional development and exchange programs, and pursue higher education.

About Us

Elixir India is headquartered in Chandigarh. We operate in different business sectors: Education, Print & Publication, Consultancy,  Public Relations & Marketing services.

Contact Us

Elixir India,
Tel: +91-172-4559544, +91-9417782402, +91-9463971544
Email: contact@elixir-india.com