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French Language

AIE's 75-hour French classes are suitable for beginners with little or no knowledge of the French language, those with an intermediate level of French, and we have French classes for advanced learners. 

Our experienced French teachers can also deliver tailor-made French classes in your company training rooms, or private French lessons at our institution.

Our French courses are divided in to levels: 
  • Level 1 is for beginners; 
  • Level 2 elementary; 
  • Level 3 lower intermediate; 
  • Level 4 intermediate; and 
  • Level 5 for upper-intermediate and advanced. 
Each level of French is divided in to modules to help you progress at the speed that best suits your needs.

Find your French language level with our French language level test, or your French teacher can help you find the best French class for you once you have enrolled. We can then ensure you take the French class that is at the right level for you.

We also offer fast-track French classes, during the week or at weekends, to enable you to progress more quickly with your language learning.

French classes at the AIE are dynamic and interactive. Your teacher speaks in French and uses teaching aids to help you understand. Emphasis is on spoken communication and interaction; this is achieved through pair and group work, simulations and role-plays, and is supported by systematic work on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

For more information, contact AIE at aie@Elixirgroup.com

About Us

Elixir India is headquartered in Chandigarh. We operate in different business sectors: Education, Print & Publication, Consultancy,  Public Relations & Marketing services.

Contact Us

Elixir India,
Tel: +91-172-4559544, +91-9417782402, +91-9463971544
Email: contact@elixir-india.com