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Leadership Programme

Your evolution to a world-class leader begins here. When you embark on AIE's 75-hour Global Leadership Programme (GLP), you'll lay the groundwork for a lifetime of extraordinary success.

GLP is an in-depth journey to personal mastery as a leader, designed for individuals who are willing to discover, strengthen and sustain their leadership capabilities. The objective is for the participant to define his/her individual purpose as a leader and to develop a plan for expression of that purpose in and beyond the workplace.

A core challenge in leading global businesses is the tension between different market realities, management practices, customer needs, cultural norms and business performance constructs. Understanding and integrating these diverse elements poses the core challenge for global leaders. Effective global leadership requires a high level of knowledge about the global environment plus the ability to connect the dots to the value creation functions of an organisation, its strategy, business model and operating structure, and one's own cultural assumptions. The GLP focuses on each of these dimensions and the role of leadership in guiding a global corporation to realize unfulfilled potential.

Participants will identify their unique strengths and the underlying beliefs and motivations that serve them, as well as those that limit their effectiveness. Through completion of the program, participants will develop a clear understanding of their purpose and vision as a leader. From this place, they would be able to create the changes they want by understanding how to choose new actions and how to effectively utilize feedback from the environment.

Benefits of programme

  • First of its kind in India, run by the Elixir Institute For Excellence only;
  • Connects you to a truly global network of leaders;
  • Collaborative research opportunities;
  • International resource persons; and
  • Life-long experience to treasure and practice.
For more information, contact AIE at aie@Elixirgroup.com

About Us

Elixir India is headquartered in Chandigarh. We operate in different business sectors: Education, Print & Publication, Consultancy,  Public Relations & Marketing services.

Contact Us

Elixir India,
Tel: +91-172-4559544, +91-9417782402, +91-9463971544
Email: contact@elixir-india.com