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Public Relations

This 75-hour programme has been developed by AIE in close conjunction with the PR industry to provide a platform of key courses relevant to all aspects of PR practice alongside a range of optional courses which provide specific sector focus such as in consumer PR; financial PR; and now in government relations and lobbying. 

This enhances the employability of the programme. Building on the employability agenda for the programme, it aims to prepare individuals for employability through widening their perspective of the PR industry and enabling them to develop and adapt their professional PR skills.

The programme has also been developed, conscious that public relations has become a strategic management function, with experienced practitioners advising organisations at senior levels and requiring strong analytical skills combined with independence of thought. PR practice requires excellent knowledge and understanding of the external environment and the ability to help organisations develop communications programmes across multiple stakeholders using multiple channels of communications. 

The ability of the PR practitioner is to have strong analytical skills, good communications allied with the ability to synthesise information, frequently only partial and not complete, and develop strategic PR programmes. There is a high demand for effective and efficient public relations professionals, however standards and expectations and competition are high.

Public Relations programme at the AIE seeks to build the range of technical communication skills required by a PR practitioner, allied to strong analytical skills along with a curiosity and level of critical faculty.

Core units
  • PR – The Developing Discipline
  • Planning and Communication Skills for PR
  • Corporate Communications
  • Contemporary Issues
  • Media Relations and Social Media
  • Consumer and Celebrity PR
  • Government Relations and Lobbying
  • Financial PR

For more information, contact AIE at aie@Elixirgroup.com

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