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International journals

We proudly publish 8 international academic journals related to the fields of Engineering, Law, Management, Medical Science, Literature & Philosophy.

The scope of these recognized journals is to provide an academic medium to researchers and an important reference for the advancement and dissemination of research results that support high level learning, teaching and research in respective fields.


Why Us?


  • Follows Go Green Program by providing Digital copies of each issue and certificates to respective author(s).
  • Reliable, Easy & Transparent Paper Publishing Process.
  • High quality publication online.
  • Fast Peer review process.
  • We have team of prestigious academic editors/reviewers.
  • Indexing in several databases for Worldwide Readership.
  • Author Research Guidelines & Support.


About Us

Elixir India is headquartered in Chandigarh. We operate in different business sectors: Education, Print & Publication, Consultancy,  Public Relations & Marketing services.

Contact Us

Elixir India,
Tel: +91-172-4559544, +91-9417782402, +91-9463971544
Email: contact@elixir-india.com